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1) Inferred main idea
2) First week of school: Whole class activity

Students identify their favorite summer activities in one word such as baseball, beach, bike, camp, swim, read, etc. Create the wordle and see what the favorite summer activity was for your class.

or... place your Wordle over an image. You can make the Wordle a transparent image, place it over a background in PowerPoint, then save it as an image.

Baseball seems to be the "main idea" for this class in the summer. What are some details that could be used to write a paragraph about baseball?
  • the name of the team
  • when the team practices
  • positions played
  • wins and losses
  • and more....

3) Students can copy/paste their own writing into a Wordle to see if they are overusing certain words.
4) Students having difficulty with vocabulary or spelling words can type them into a Wordle.** Words that are more difficult can be typed more times and will be larger in the Wordle.

Guess the Wordle

Below is the "Guess the Wordle" page. There is a new Wordle for Monday-Friday. It's cool!

More sample Wordles

Copy/paste this text into a Wordle: