Natural Disasters

BBC Natural Disasters (TV clips are not available in the US)

Kids Konnect - Natural Disasters (Scroll down on the page for many more links to natural disasters resources.)

Discovery Kids - Natural Disasters

ESA Kids

Fact Monster - Natural Disasters

Natural Disasters Videos: (require Flash - will not play on an iPad)


Videos about natural disasters (requires Flash)

Food Chains and Food Webs

Food Chains:

The difference between a food chain and a food web:

Food chains

Food chains:

Food webs:

Websites with Flash: (not for iPad)

Chain Reaction:

Scroll down on the screen to Food Chains

Brain Pop

CrickWeb Science

Sid the Science Kid From PBS kids
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BBC Bitesize Science (interactives - games, readings, and quizzes)

Magnets and Springs

See full screen

More magnet activities

Water Cycle

animation and label activity

Water Cycle -

Water Cycle - Scottish Water

Phases of the Moon

Moon Challenge Game:

Moon Phases Definitions and Pictures

Put the Phases in Order