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These excellent video clips are on YouTube so you will have to watch them at home. :-)

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From the 2009 NECCC conference:

Differentiated Instruction - SMART Style: What It's Like to Reach All Students in a SMART Interactive Classroom (Exhibit Hall)

Elementary Mathematics, the Brain and the SMART Board

Primarily SMART: Using SMART Technologies in the Primary Grades

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You have to register for this site, but it's free and easy. Once registered, you can download lots of great resources for the SMARTboard. (Game templates, Graphic Organizers, Math Templates, and much more.)
This is the SMART Exchange. You can search for SMART resources by subject area. I use this one a lot.
This is a very plain page, but the results of your search will ONLY be notebook files. I've found lots of good ones on here.
This guy has spent A LOT of time creating SMART notebooks for Math. If you are a Math teacher, this may end up being your favorite place to look for notebooks.
I saw this guy present at NECC. He's very good and he likes to share. This website has links to his presentations and to ALL of the SMART stuff they do in his county of Rockingham, VA. The top five or six links on this page are the best.
This is a wiki with tons of stuff on it. almost too much. So, I searched for Math and got this link. If you want something other than math, scroll down the right hand side until you see categories. Click on the one you are interested in and you'll get all of the posts that deal with that topic.
This is a link with A LOT of other links to interactive websites and SMART activities.