Media Festival ideas...

Let's brainstorm possible projects for the Media Festival.

  1. Live action video - documentaries, commercials, video commercials for favorite books news shows, talk shows, interviews, instructional presentations Windows Movie Maker Tips Flip camera or other digital video camera
  2. Video sequential still - a series of still digital images along with music, narration and other computer graphics - Photo Story or MovieMaker, Pixie animation
  3. Podcast/Vodcast/Pencast - digital media files distributed over the Internet for playback on portable media players and personal computers. Livescribe pen for pencast.
  4. Computer animation - flash animation or flipbooks. Clay animation More about Clay animation - Thinkquest entry
  5. graphic design - 2D art projects generated with a computer using such programs as Pixie, Paint, Print Shop, etc. Posters, brochures, pictures, book jackets, illustrations. BigHugeLabs - create a magazine cover.
  6. PowerPoint - Electronic picture book, etc. a series of slides using text, graphics, movies, on slides.
  7. website
  8. Interactive learning activity - Web page, activity created to show on a whiteboard. Interwrite or SMART Notebook software

Examples of student Media Festival entries:

Georgia Student Media Festival
Renaissance Idol - grade 4
Podcast Interview - grade 5
Mummy Mischief - sequential still Grade 4-5
School Tube - search for ISMF winners
Montgomery County Schools Media Festival - 2007 winners - requires Real Player

Resources available for us:

  1. Digital camera
  2. Digital video camera

Software: (in our Novell apps)

1. PowerPoint
2. Pixie
3. Windows Movie Maker
4. PhotoStory for Windows
5. Audacity - a digital audio editor
8. Image Blender
9. SMART Notebook

Carmon Molnar also sent out some ideas...
How can I incorporate the Technology Media Festival into my regular instruction?
Digital Story, VoiceThread, Podcast, Movie Maker:

·Social Studies - time line, documentary, event re-enactments
·Reading - story events, book talks, re-telling, summarizing
·Math - problem solving steps, real-world applications
·Science - scientific process/phases of moon/water cycle, demonstrations
·Autobiography or biographies
·Have students create a teaching tool that you can use in future years
·Field trip (do a commercial for the place visited)
  • Create a brochure of field trip