What are Google Earth Walks?


Students solve questions as they "walk" or fly around the globe. Each placemark in the virtual tour takes them to a new place on the earth where they see images and the location of the image.


Download the file below and open with Google Earth.

Google Earth Walks - Pinterest


Grade 1 Word Problems:
Originally from: https://sites.google.com/site/gearthwalks/math/math-walks/modeling-addition
Revised word problems:

Student recording sheet:

Grade 1 2 digit adding and subtracting:

Student recording sheet:

Grade 2 Two Digit Addition:
Originally from: https://sites.google.com/site/gearthwalks/math/math-walks/two-digit-addition
Revised Word Problems:

Student recording sheet:

Information about the places in the GE Walk:

The Sphinx
Mount Rushmore
Sam Houston
Great Wall of China

Grade 3 Introduction to Multiplication

Student recording sheet:

Grade 4 Ordering Fractions and Decimals:

Student recording sheet:

Grade 4 - Elapsed Time

Student recording sheet: