What is geocaching?

2012-2013 School Year

Mrs. Mason's first grade students solved math problems they found in their caches. May 30, 2013
Mrs. Spicer's Pre-K classes found pictures from the life cycle of the butterfly in their caches. May 29, 2013
Mrs. Cadwallader's third grade students at Glen Avenue School combined geocaching and measurement. May 14, 2013
Mrs. Koerner's Pre-K friends geocached for a lesson about plants and flowers. May 15, 2013
Mrs. Hebert's Pre-K friends tried to geocache but it rained in the morning. The afternoon class saw the sunshine. May 7, 2013
Mrs. Parker's first grade students geocached for root words. (April 11, 2013)
Mrs. Churchman's STEM students in Mrs. Wootten's, Mrs. Womer's, and Mrs. Deeney's classes enjoyed a geocache lesson about recycling.(April 9, 2013)
Mrs. Schlegel's Kindergarten students sorted short vowel sounds (April 9, 2013)
Mrs. Sample's Kindergarten students geocached in December! (December 5, 2012)
Mrs. McCahill's fifth grade classes combined geocaching, QR codes, and writing (November 20, 2012)
Ms. Waesche's third grade students at Delmar cached for landform puzzle pieces (November 15, 2012)
Ms. Goldey's second grade students at Delmar cached for cash! (November 14, 2012)
Mrs. Olinde - Geoaching with Kindergarten students at Chipman - color words and pictures (November 14, 2012)
Chipman Faculty PD - Geocaching - October 18, 2012
Mrs. Thompson's first grade friends at Chipman solved math problems while geocaching (October 17, 2012)
Mrs. Hudson's third grade students at Delmar used math and reading in their geocache activity (October 16, 2012)
Mrs. Howard's Kindergarten Chipman friends found ABC words in their geocache activity. (September 17, 2012)

2011-2012 School Year

2012 Summer School - Beaver Run at Pemberton Park (July 16, 2012)
Delmar fourth grade geocache in Ocean City (June 5, 2012)
Mrs. Carroll - Pinehurst students solved a mystery while geocaching. (May 31, 2012)
Mrs. Hudson - Delmar third grade students combined math and reading in their geocache activity. (May 21 and 30, 2012)
Ms. Goldey - Delmar first grade students reviewed fractions during their geocaching event. (May 17, 2012)
Mrs. Mason - Delmar first grade students walked the school campus with their GPS devices (May 17, 2012)
Mrs. Phippin - Pinehurst second grade students had a fun geocaching day! (May 16, 2012)
Mrs. Carroll - Pinehurst students enjoyed a geocache activity at Salisbury University. (May 14, 2012)
Mrs. Draucker and Mrs. Howard - Kindergarten students at Chipman Elementary enjoyed a dinosaur geocache activity. (May 7, 2012)
Dr. Eagle - First Grade students at West Salisbury had fun geocaching during PE class. (April 25, 2012)
Ms. Collier and Ms. Bailey - First Grade students at Chipman Elementary enjoyed a geocaching activity for sequencing parts of a story. (March 8, 2012)

Pinehurst PD Geocaching Day - January 24, 2012 - General information about geocaching
Discovery Educator Network's Geocaching Day - May 30, 2009

Geocaching at Delmar (June, 2010)

Joy Venere's 5th grade language arts class did a geocaching activity on the school campus and had a fun time practicing language arts skills.
The students used GPS devices that led them to caches. Inside each cache was a paper with text or pictures - paragraph, poem, book cover, etc. The students answered questions about the text in the cache.


Many thanks to Amanda Banks who created the literacy activity for the students!

Waypoints for the geocache: