This app allows users to draw pictures, add text, images, and record their voices. Completed Educreations files can be share via Web link or embedded on webpages.

Garrett's story about meeting Batman:

Mrs. Reddish's first grade students talk about teamwork.
Ms. Cherry's first grade students know how important it is to work together!
Mrs. Morris's PreK students talk about their families.
Ms. Wood's 5th grade students work on author's viewpoint''.
Mrs. Rodriguez's students predict their third grade year!
Mrs. Shockley's ESOL students read about a puppy called Meli.
Classroom Maps by Mrs. Rhoads' second grade students at Pemberton
Pumpkin Stories by Ms. Carter's first grade students at Prince St. School
Maps created by Mrs. Short's third grade students at Prince St. School
Our Maps by Ms. Hemstreet's third grade students at East Salisbury School
Third grade math problems by Mrs. Snapp's 3rd grade students at Glen Avenue
Three Regions of Maryland by Mrs. Handley's 4th grade students at Delmar
Solving Math Problems by Mrs. Handley's 4th grade students at Delmar
Soccer Moves by Dr. Eagle's first grade students at West Salisbury
Triaramas on the Revolutionary War by Mrs. White's 4th grade class at Pinehurst