Collaborating online in globalclassroom gives students an audience and a purpose for their work. All aspects of their exchanges have real world meaning. They engage in authentic tasks.

Friends in Maryland and Uganda:

Three Cups of Tea:

Friends in South Africa


Why should students collaborate online? Jarrell knows the reason...

It looks like I'll be writing to you. I am so happy. This morning I walked in the classroom and ask the teacher did I get a reply from you. So how are you doing. I hope fine. Do you know this is the funniest thing I did. It make me feel happy. I wish you were down here so that I can talk to you. I am saving all your letters. If I never came to summer school I would not be talking to you today. But I do want to do good in school. This keeps me occupied. I like talk to you. My hand feel good touching these keys again.
Your friend,

When spelling matters:

"I can't find your words in my dictionary."

The rest of the story...

Delmar Elementary School students have participated in online projects since 1992.

On the Ice - Students are writing to Matt Nelson in McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Carrie Lewis and her 3rd grade students at Delmar are currently writing to students in Romania.
Mardela and Brazil - JoAnne Hoeffner's students are writing to students in Brazil through a Kidlink program called "Who Am I?".
Mardela and Pakistan - Joyce Taylor's students and students in Karachi are discussing the book, Three Cups of Tea.
Delmar and Norway - Joyce Taylor's 5th grade students wrote to students in Norway in the 2008 - 2009 school year. Don't miss the videos the students sent each other!
Delmar and Italy - Charlie Echard's 4th grade students wrote to friends in Italy in the 2008 - 2009 school year. The students in Italy wished us well when MSA tests came around.

Visit these webpages to see more exciting ways to connect your students to other students around the world:

1. Miss Hastings' (now Mrs. Diemel) 5th students at Glen Avenue wrote to online friends in South Africa . (2006-2007)

2. Friends in Japan and American Samoa join Delmar students in a project about school lunch... and more... (2005-2006) and... Isamu came to visit us in May 2007!

3.Delmar third grade students adopt Marines in Iraq. (2004-2005)

4. Mrs. Lewis' and Mrs. Weeg's third grade students have friends in South Africa . (2004-2005)

5. Mrs. Barnes' and Mrs. Kaiser's third grade students have friends in Peru . (2004-2005)

6. Mrs. Andrews' students have friends in Mexico . (2004-2005)

7. Mrs. Weeg's students and friends in Japan write about Spring (2003-2004)

8. Mrs. Elzey's second grade students have friends in South Africa. (2003-2004)

9. Gen Y students and Special Education students wrote to friends in Japan . (2003-2004)

10. Mrs. Spicer's first grade students wrote to friends in Canada and South Africa (2003-2004)

11. Mrs. Weeg's and Mrs. Andrews' students wrote to friends in Taiwan (2003-2004) [This project won several awards for Delmar including the BestBuy te@ch award which gave us 2 projectors and a digital camera.]

12. Mrs. Weeg's students wrote to friends in BC, Canada . (2003-2004)

There are many, many more projects from the Global Classroom...

Some of our very early projects – 1992-1997:
Projects from 1997-2006: