Wednesday - 11:30 -12:15
Promoting Students' Strategic Thinking through ActivClassroomTechnologies

Kathy Benson

Reading With Meaning by Debbie Miller

making connections to prior knowledge
asking questions
inferring from the text

KWL chart

How these techologies can support strategies....
sometimes we code the text, BK, Infer, ! Wow ? writing on the text, making a code system, coding our thinking
thinking stems - this reminds me of, I wonder,
How the board engages students

strategies that work to improve comprehension

The sweet spot - 3 circles where 3 circles meet
slid transparency to reveal words behind colored circles

3 words

content, technology, pedagogy

drag 4 phrases into proper order

1 teacher modeling
2 guided practice
3 independent practice
4 application into real reading situations

Typical lesson - 90 min
think aloud - whole class
Practice - reading and conferring
small group, pairs, independent
metacognitive reflection - sharing
whole class, small group, pairs

launching sequence

concrete experience - initial exposure to the strategy anchored by using concrete objects
sensory exercises
wordless picture books
time for text

lint roller - pick up ideas with lint roller

freebased databases, nettrekker

real reading - what the author is saying and what's going on in your head.

building a salad with pics of lettuce and tomatoes.

students know if they know it. Student who raises hand first doesn't always give the answer. equity
board makes visible what you are modeling. 2 way street. you at the board and students at the board.

roll the dice to choose the question or item - chance
dice roller icon - in library?

schema - information planted in your brain

schema thinking stems
that reminds me of
I'm remembering
I have a connection..

schema about families - kindergarten

Agency matters
lack confidence - James did not attempt a science fair project in 4th grade because he said he would have to do it in 5th grade anyhow.

picture on the flipchart - put a question on a virtual post-it note

took picture with camera and put it on the page.